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Research Lines

Research Line 1

Human formation, socio-cultural processes and institutions

This line of research aims to understand the socio-cultural processes that are constituted in the relationships of subjects with institutional spheres such as school, family, politics and religion. It studies the forms of sociability and the constitution of identities in their multiple dimensions in contemporary times. It focuses on educational processes, work relationships, life trajectories and projects as aspects related to human formation, constituted by socio-cultural processes.

Research Line 2

Human formation, public policies and space production

This line of research aims to understand human formation in its aspects related to education, language, citizenship, critical formation and social participation, constituted in the relations between public policies and space in its physical, political, economic and social dimensions. It focuses on public policies and development, teacher education and training, poverty and social inequalities, understanding the influences of such aspects on the processes of production and occupation of urban and rural space in the context of a national and globalized economy.