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Maria Izabel Rodrigues Tognato

Curriculum lattes

Graduated in Portuguese Anglo Letters from the State Faculty of Sciences and Letters of Campo Mourão (1992), and Master in Letters - Language Studies from the State University of Londrina - UEL-PR (2002), under the guidance of Professor Dr. Telma Nunes Gimenez. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies from LAEL-PUC / SP (2009), under the guidance of Professor Dr. Anna Rachel Machado (in memoriam). She has a postdoctoral degree from UNIGE-Université de Genève-FAPSE-Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences under the guidance of Professor Dr. Joaquim Dolz, subsidized by the CAPES scholarship system. nº BEX 0767 / 15-8, from September 2015 to February 2016. She works as an associate professor in the Language Course at Paraná State University - Unespar - Campo Mourão Campus - PR, since 1994. She also worked as a teacher in Elementary School and High School in the state public school system from 1994 to 2011. He has experience in the area of ​​Letters with English Language teaching and respective literatures, with Teaching Practice, Supervised Internship in English Language, Scientific Initiation (PIC) and Junior Scientific Initiation (PIC Jr.) and in Continuing Education for the English Language Teacher guiding Basic Education teachers, participants in the Educational Development Program (PDE), offered by the Government of the State of Paraná, from 2010 to 2017. He participates in the research group Language and Education - UEL / CNPq, coordinated by Professor Dra. Vera Lúcia Lopes Cristovão, since 2007, and coordinates the research group Language, Development, Education and its Relations - LIDERE / CNPq / Unespar-Campus de Campo Mourão-PR, since 2009. She is a member of the permanent faculty of the Postgraduate Program Society and Development-Interdisciplinary Master (PPGSeD), at Unespar-Campus of Campo Mourão-PR since 2014 and guides Dissertations and Graduate theses. She acts as an ad hoc reviewer of national and international journals.


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