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Fabiane Freire França

Curriculum lattes


Graduated in Pedagogy from the State University of Maringá (2005), master's (2009) and doctorate (2014) in Education from this same institution by the Postgraduate Program in Education (PPE / UEM), area of ​​Concentration in Teaching, Learning and Teacher training. She is currently an adjunct professor at the Collegiate of Pedagogy at the State University of Paraná, Campo Mourão campus, professor at the Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Society and Development at the State University of Paraná and professor at the Graduate Program in Education at the State University of Maringá. She is dedicated to study and research in the area of ​​Education, Gender, Teacher Education, Human Education and Social Representations. Leader of the Study and Research Group on Education, Diversity and Culture - GEPEDIC. In the field of academic management, she holds the position of Undergraduate Teaching Advisor at Unespar-Campo Mourão campus, coordinates the Center for Education in Human Rights (ECHR) at UNESPAR-Campo Mourão. She is deputy director of Fecilcam Publishing Company and is part of the University Council of Unespar Campo Mourão campus.



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